Monday, June 3, 2013

Final Project

Silent No More

so here's the final project :) by Jasmine, Lissett, Melissa, Shelby, and myself :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm in a group with jasmine, Lissette, Shelby, Melissa, and Karla working on a project mainly about originality. At first we had focused on doing a draw my life video, then today we decided to switch gears and do a video where we give people the chance to let their voice be heard. We'r going to show videos of different people holding a flash card of something they've wanted to say but feel like they never have the chance. As the videos are rolling we'r going to be playing the song Words Never Said by Lupe Fiasco.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brag Sheet

  • I was on the varsity girls wrestling team for two years
  • Cross country for one year
  • I started working at age 16
  • certified babysitter 
  • volunteer at the Red Cross
  • cook for my family
  • i have received te Renissanc award every semester since freshman year
  • I have been a part of the CSF program
  • average of a 3.5 to 3.8 GPA

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best of American Lit

well overall I think this has been one of my most favorite classes out of my whole high school experience! :) I really got a whole new perspective of different ways to learn, how to put my self out there, and new opportunities I can take! What stood out to me the most out of this whole year would have to be when we talked about remixing and making something our own. Watching the TED talk with Amanda Palmer really stood out to me, especially a part in the video when she talked about having a concert in Germany and after the show she stripped down in the middle of the crown and let the crowd draw on her body. And she explained how she let her trust take over and left her trust in this crowd ad she felt safe. I thought that was really interesting and even though that was from the first semester its still very clear to me. I wish we could've spent a little more time on the big question subject but other than that this year has been one of the best school experiences! :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Derby Reportage part 1

  • Hunter S. Thompson outs himself in the article
  • is this kinda like breaking the forth wall? 
  • the reporter usually doesn't put him self as a character in the article nd he's explaining his own experience 

  • he's very straight up with everything, just says what he thinks, a lot of vulgarity, yet it makes it a little funny
  • he's going to a horse derby to write about the horses, but he realizes that what people are more interested I are the people around them nd their bets
  • there's going to be a riot at the derby? I'm not sure if he's making this up or not
  • Diane Crump was the first woman to ride in the derby 
  • he says he a writer for the playboy magazine, has a a lot of tags on his bag to show off or make it seem like he travels a lot nd even has a playboy tag that he bought 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Johnny Cyberpunk

well this story was really confusing and I didn't quiet get the whole meaning of, but I get the Cyberpunk part of. Just to recap what cyberpunk is, Cyberpunk is a sub genre of science fiction stories, set around the near future and whats ahead of us, and is mainly focuses on the high tech low life. It plays on reality, and makes the reader wonder of what advances are yet to come in technology and even human beliefs, for example drugs. What I got out of the story is that Johnny is a very smart and clever man, who has megabytes of data stored in him, and he is holding a whole bunch of information in him that made not be too safe. Ralfi, the man the instilled this data in him, is trying to set up a contract with him, (yet e he is setting up for him to be killed) allowing him to get the data instilled in Johnny.  Johnny then meets a woman named Molly, who seems kind of edgy, and decides to help Johnny escape from this "contract deal." Ralfi hires an assassin to kill Johnny with this thing called a squid, ( i don't really get that part?) and now Johnny realizes what kind of people he is dealing with and decides to stick with Molly.  ***this story was really long and confusing so i just skimmed through to the end and tried to piece it together. So Im not sure if this is completely right*** It turns out the assassins go against Ralfi and kill him instead, and Johnny doesn't want to deal with it anymore so he tells molly to use the squid to remove the data from his head.....and yeah there you go :) hehe